High Court Delivers Shock Decision

After the Chilcot Report which has been compared to the biggest bucket of whitewash ever, leaving Tony Blair with the new nickname ‘Teflon Tony’ that Teflon coating has saved Tony yet again. The Supreme Court has ruled Tony Blair cannot be prosecuted over the Iraq War. General Abdul Wahed Shannan Al Rabbat has accused Mr Blair, that while UK prime minister, of committing a "crime of aggression" by invading Iraq in 2003 to overthrow President Saddam Hussein. There were a few specks of grey in the Chilcot report as Michael Mansfield QC, appearing for General Al Rabbat, said at a recent hearing, that the inquiry into the invasion conducted by Sir John Chilcot, which concluded with a report published in July last year, justified the prosecution of Mr Blair.
This ruling by the UK Supreme Court has shocked million around the world, not least Teflon Tony himself.


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